MLReporter is at World Mobile Congress 2018 – Machine Learning is going Mobile

(Update in progress from the WMC2018)   The mobile phones will have AI and 5G in 3 years, according to Pwc  but the biggest challenge of mobile machine learning is creating perceptive offline devices! The MLReporter’s team attended MWC2018 observing the latest trends in the  industry right from the biggest  mobile …


China dominates global AI funding

The United States and China have always been in competition from many points of view, and as technology advances, both countries are investing more and more in this area, including the development of artificial intelligence. Analysts at CB Insights have published a report showing that the US has been overtaken …

grafphic scheme about machine learning

Deep learning algorithms change the way brands will advertise in 2018

Developing artificial intelligence dominated tech news in 2017: starting with the algorithms able to play Go without human intervention, continuing with Russia and China saying research in the field is a priority and ending with Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg discussing the dangers and benefits of a robot for mankind. …

the new processor of the LG tvs

LG brings new processors and artificial intelligence to TVs

If you feel you’re not surrounded by enough virtual assistants, maybe it’s time to make room for other artificial intelligence companion. The latest comes from LG, and its name is ThinQ. The new Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant benefits from Natural Language Processing and is useful if you want to benefit …

interior of the Volkswagen new AI powered minibus

Volkswagen will use Nvidia AI systems

Volkswagen is preparing to launch a wide range of electric models under the brand ID, and they will also integrate artificial intelligence systems through a partnership with Nvidia, a company specifically recognized for video cards for computers and laptops. The new partnership was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) …


Major tech companies regroup around AI projects

Artificial intelligence seems to have been the key word for big tech companies in 2017. The wider the reach the bigger th evolution seems to be the strategy for Google, who distributes its Google Assistant SDK to many phone manufacturers. The tool kit was launched and used by developers in …

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AI eases up the Adobe Photoshop mastery

A future version of Photoshop will come to use an artificial intelligence algorithm to facilitate the selection of people in the pictures, as in the video above. Adobe Photoshop may be the world’s most popular photo editing application but more important than that is that it constantly updates it and …


Google will judge the quality of your photos with artificial intelligence

No matter how much robots, neural networks or artificial intelligence algorithms evolve, you would not believe they will become art critics, but Google is contradicting us. Usually the great asset of an artificial intelligence system in the interaction with the photographs was  identifying the compositional elements. In other words, it …

Robot sitting at his office replacing a human
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Robots are coming for 800 million jobs

Robots and automation will cause a major economic change over the next 13 years, leaving 800 million people unemployed by 2030, according to a study by McKinsey Global Institute. The United Nations estimates that the world’s population will reach 8.5 billion people by 2030, which means that robots will leave …

Robot journalist hands

AI&Machine Learning will change the way content is generated

  Until now the role of Artificial Intelligence has been mainly confined to algorithms and data analysis. In the era of social media and big data when it comes about the tremendous amount of UGC, these platforms are dedicating a high-cost effort to handle with the problem of content moderation. …