Beauty in the {Artificial} eye of the Machine

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Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, but increasingly Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are playing a part.

When Snow White’s wicked step-mother made her infamous enquiry of her mirror, it is reasonable to assume that the mirror must have deployed an early form of machine learning, in order to come up with an answer as to who was the fairest in the land. How else could it have accurately assessed everyone to arrive at a definitive answer?

Across the whole spectrum of the beauty industry; from small start-ups to web giants, from R&D to retail and from analysis to delivery of tailored products, both AI & ML are being deployed.


Two recent start-ups, Atolla and Proven Skincare have both developed their individualised skin care products using Machine Learning.

Atolla invites its customers to provide skin data once a month, and using this personal data, along with data showing trends over time within two machine learning models, aims to predict future changes and provide tailored products for clients.

Proven Skincare has a data-set comprised of millions of customer reviews, 100,000 products, 20,000 ingredients and information from 4000 academic journal articles. Named the “Skin Genome Project”; by analysis of client information this AI engine attempts to compute the best products for each individual client.

Established Companies

The larger players in the beauty market are also deploying ML to enhance and assist their offerings to customers.

At CES 2019 this month Olay demonstrated new technical innovations, including Olay Labs, software that uses both human expertise and ML to customise skin care regimes to specific clients, they claim that over a 4 week period the algorithms employed can adapt to the customers skin in real-time.

Similarly CoverGirl, in their first physical retail outlet have deployed technology to maximise the customer experience and drive sales. Included in this is a virtual greeter “Olivia”, created in partnership with Google and reliant on machine learning.

This utilisation of both ML and AI is spreading across the beauty industry, LIVEKINDLY report recent innovations in hair care, with an emphasis on creating individualised shampoos and conditioners, utilising data processed by machine learning. Citing both the New York Times and Forbes as highlighting the new developments and trends influenced by both AI and ML.

Web Giants

Not to be left out, two web giants are using ML to either improve their functionality or drive sales. Pinterest have developed new search algorithms to assist users searching for specific products for specific skin tones and Amazon are using machine learning to analyse customer data in order to accurately tailor a range of free samples  from a number of companies, including L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline and Dove.


Finally, Women’s Wear Daily will be showcasing AI, ML and augmented reality during their Digital Beauty Forum on Feb 13th in New York (more details available here.)






Beauty in the {Artificial} eye of the Machine
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Beauty in the {Artificial} eye of the Machine
An overview of recent trends withing the Beauty industry, focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
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